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Model Number: IRBI - Collaboration Edition Additional Logins

IRBI - Collaboration Edition Additional Logins

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Property & Casualty- Collaboration Edition

Collaboration edition has everything in the reference edition plus the diagrams describing the models are interactive where detailed descriptions are available at a click of a button.

In addition, collaboration edition users benefit from contributions by all other users for a year with new content automatically becoming available to them.

Collaboration features of the tool allow the users to get notification of new content, watch content changes, suggest updates and image content for offline use.

IRBI is being used by executives who need comprehensive visibility of their organization. IRBI provides a methodology to create organization's blueprint accelerated by three comprehensive reference models:

  • A reference Insurance Business Model
  • A set of Insurance Information Systems Model for insurance companies
  • A reference Technology Model to support the information systems
Collaboration edition uses online web based interface to allow on-demand access from anywhere. It is based on same content as that of the reference edition (which is 11x17 inch layout with 271-pages).  

IRBI describes internal functioning of an insurance organization that can be used for:

  • Standardize the terminology within & outside the organization
  • Scoping the initiatives "right" using the models as a checklist and get consensus faster
  • Determine the impact of any internal or external change on the organization, including regulatory, strategic, competitive (including M&A)
  • Jump start the project requirements and avoid reinventing the wheel across business and technology by using reference models for taxonomy to catalog building blocks
  • Determine appropriate operational structure using industry knowledge as a point of reference
  • Aligning business and IT
  • Bolster the information technology capabilities with architecture accelerators
  • Application Portfolio Optimization
Seasoned executives would know that they can easily spend million dollars developing this material in-house (if they would ever succeed). This book would represent a 99.9% savings for such executives buying this material off-the-shelf.




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