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Model Number: IRBI - Executive Edition

IRBI - Executive Edition

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Property & Casualty- Executive Edition
The IRBI is being used by executives who need comprehensive visibility of their organization. The IRBI provides a methodology to create organization's blueprint accelerated by three comprehensive reference models:
  • A reference Insurance Business Model
  • A set of Insurance Information Systems Model for insurance companies
  • A reference Technology Model to support the information systems
Executive Edition provides a focused view of the above models using a unique 11x16 inch layout. The 103-pages explains internal parts of an insurance organization that can be used for:
  • Standardize the terminology within & outside the organization
  • Scoping the initiatives "right" using the models as a checklist and get consensus faster
  • Determine the impact of any internal or external change on the organization, including regulatory, strategic, competitive (including M&A)
  • Jump start the project requirements and avoid reinventing the wheel across business and technology by using reference models for taxonomy to catalog building blocks
  • Determine appropriate operational structure using industry knowledge as a point of reference
  • Aligning business and IT
  • Bolster the information technology capabilities with architecture accelerators
  • Application Portfolio Optimization
Seasoned executives would know that they can easily spend million dollars developing this material in-house (if they would ever succeed). This book would represent a 99.9% savings for such executives buying this material off-the-shelf.

The reference edition, available as a separate book (ISBN number 9781943073009), provides detailed description of each element with 271 pages of 11x17 inch layout.

Discounts: For discounts, please write to the author explaining how you can contribute to the industry blueprint to qualify for a 20-40% discount code.




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